Time and Space in the Universe
Time and Space.
Abstract: This report will graphically depict the coupling between Quantum Gravity and General Relativity. Space is from two types of energy in standing waves; energy with mass which is finite energy and energy without mass which is infinite. Given light speed is equal to frequency times wavelength where C = f λ then photons must be twice light speed on half wavelengths before mass is created. Light speed is a constant relative to mass in Special Relativity but photon half waves are twice light speed from harmonic oscillations. Standing half waves on total harmonics are twice light speed and finite only at light speed with mass on reversal expansion. The total force behind harmonic reversal is photon half wave energy at twice light speed creating mass and constant C in full wavelengths. Infinity is defined as photon energy without any effects from mass and time. This report is to help simplify quantum particles and gravity with the understanding that the brief should be read three times over to get the full concept.
Keywords. Time and Space, Space-Time, Cosmology, Standing Waves.